A Trusted Provider of Propane

For more than 30 years Doke Propane has provided customers with superior service and quality products. Today, we proudly fuel and maintain homes, farms and businesses within Polk, Greene, Dallas, Hickory, Cedar, Dade and St. Clair counties.
About Doke Propane

Jim and Roberta Doke bought the propane business from Standley Furniture in the fall of 1981.

They started with about 320 customers, two old International trucks, a trailer and one employee besides Jim and Roberta. Jim was still working for the railroad at the time, and continued on for two more years. At the time, they had two-year-old daughter Jamie. The business continued to grow, and so did their family. Jennifer was born in 1982, and in 1989 Jay came along.

Today, Doke Propane, Inc. has four propane trucks, two service trucks, six full-time and two part-time employees.

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